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Named in memory of Caribbean evangelist, faith hero and visionary, Damian Jean-Baptiste (September 22, 1964 – November 9, 2012), CSM is training and equipping disciples of Christ to serve in the different kinds of ministries to which God has called them individually.

"... this was a truly edifying experience. ... looking forward to the next session with eagerness. I now have a new respect for James 3:1 as I think of how careful we need to be using God's word. Thanks to you all who taught the class, for helping us have a deeper appreciation for God's word. This was a great start to the School."

 - Hopie - 

Kingston, Jamaica

"I am excited and scared at the same time, I realize that Gods word is as deep and vast as the ocean and i'm merely on the shore just wetting my toes. After the first module of the CSM I now know I definitely need to dig deeper."

 - Ricky - 

Kingston, Jamaica

"'HUGE THANK YOU' to you, Courtney and Douglas for all you have done thus far and continue to do for the advancement of the gospel through DJBCSM. Module 1 was great, and we all learned sooooo very much! All with the aim of refining our approach to understanding the scriptures and thus deepening our relationship with God in the process."

 - Brenda - 

Port of Spain, Trinidad