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  • Who was Damian Jean-Baptiste?
    Damian Jean-Baptiste was a Caribbean Evangelist who, during his life (Sep. 22, 1964 – Nov. 9, 2012), preached and taught in all Caribbean churches of the International Churches of Christ and poured out his life in the building of these churches and for the unity of the region. The school is named in memory of him. Learn More Here
  • What is the difference between the full-track and the Open-track students?
    Full-track students participate in each module for certification and therefore attend all the classes, complete the reading and other course requirements and complete the online exam. Open-track students audit the classes and attend as many classes as they choose to and do not do the exam.
  • What are the modules?
    The programme consists of the following 8 modules: Modules 1. Biblical Interpretation I – Principles 2. Biblical Interpretation II – Application (An in-depth exegetical study of a short NT / OT Book) 3. New Testament Survey 4. Old Testament Survey 5. Homiletics – Biblical Preaching & Teaching 6. Church History / Doctrines 7. Biblical Counselling & Psychology 8. Spiritual Life, Singleness and Marriage Life
  • What do I get at the end of the course?
    Upon the successful completion ofeach modulea certificate will be presented to each successful candidate. Upon successfully completing all 8 modules a diploma will be presented for the entire programme to each successful candidate.
  • Who should register for the course?
    All who teach and minister in the church are encouraged to participate as a full-track students Anyone who is interested in teaching in the church should participate in the course.
  • Who are the teachers of the course?
    Courtney Bailey - Kingston, Jamaica Tyrone Marcus - Port of Spain, Trinidad Dr. Douglas Jacoby - Marietta, Georgia, USA Joey Harris - Augusta, Georgia, USA Drs. Michael & Mary Shapiro - Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA Dr. Dave Hooper & Angela Hooper - Austin, Texas, USA
  • What is the cost for the course? (USD)
    Face to Face / Live Streaming Full-track students: $100.00 (with exam) Open-track students: $75.00 (attend all 4 sessions, no exam) (discounted before registration deadline) Open-track students: $25.00 per session (Fri PM/ Sat Am / Sat PM/Sun PM - no exam) Video Recording Watch video recording of entire module: $25.00 (no exam) Participate as Full-track student by watching video: $50.00 (with exam)
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